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Hotel Zabala Luarca - Valdés

The hotel Zabala is the accommodation in Luarca - Valdés with all amenities. Take a stroll in our landscaped garden with many plants, here you can rest and relax and enjoy the fresh air and tranquility.

The nearby motorway you come to the valleys of Asturias and the coast of Lugo, the mountains "Los Oscos" and the artisan village Taramundi.

Because of its location, the quality and the reasonable price, the hotel Zabala is the perfect place to visit the west of Asturias. Get in touch with us!


In the Way of Saint Jack's to the coast of Lugo. The perfect place to the pilgrims by bike.




Luarca is the white village of the green coast. Fishing town. Craddle of a Medicine Nobel Prize Winner. Giant Calamari Museum. Beautiful beaches and routes.

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Luarca and the county Valdés have numerous beaches, each with its own beauty.


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If you are looking for a tranquil place not far from the center of town and with PARKING to enjoy your holiday.  In west Astur this is your hotel .